Patient Partners

Having a Peer Support Partner

The PARASS Patient-to-Patient Program is available to any rheumatoid arthritis patient who would like to talk about concerns of living with RA with a fellow patient who has been trained as a Peer Support Partner. Peer support differs from talking with a rheumatologist or nurse in that you connect with a fellow patient who can relate from personal experience and give you their insights to help you handle your individual concerns and situations. Peer support partners can help address concerns such as what to expect when you’re initially diagnosed, ways to deal with fatigue, or side effects of medications or any other topic of concern-or simply to chat.

Having Peer Support can provide you with:

  • An opportunity to talk even just one time to ask questions you might have about medications or living with RA.
  • A relationship with a fellow patient with whom you can share your thoughts.
  • Someone who can give encouragement and positive insights to help you live well with RA.
  • Access to resources and services at the Brigham or a referral to others who may address questions related to your rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Assistance with questions you might ask your rheumatologist to help you make the most out of your clinic visit.

Patient Partners have told us,

  • "Fantastic program! I have gone to support groups before but this is different because it is one on one."
  • "Being able to talk with someone going through the same experience is such a great experience!"
  • "My doctor gave me some suggestions about taking my medications, but my peer support partner helped me implement them."
  • "I have supportive friends and family but it is not the same as someone who is going through the same thing."


To learn more about having a Peer Support Partner,

click on the link Partner Information Brochure

To apply to be matched with a Peer Support Partner,

click on the link Partner Application