When I was first diagnosed about a year ago at the age of 49, I was afraid and felt alone and wished that I had someone to really talk to that understood all that I was feeling and experiencing. I hope I can be that listening ear and support to someone else through the Peer Support program.

I have learned to embrace my disease but live a full life by pacing myself and learning what I need. I am a fine arts painter, and a mother of two grown children who are not yet married.

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Patients talking about Peer Support

"We met for coffee and talked for 3 hours. We both thought it was nice to talk to someone who gets it. We will try and get together again soon."

- Clare Coco, Peer Support Partner

Peer Support Brochure
Peer Support Application Form


"It was nice to share internal thoughts that accompany us on this journey, especially regarding the affects and effects of the medicines and other treatments we have thried or are currently using"

- Elizabeth Benson, a Patient Partner

Peer Support Brochure
Peer Support Application Form


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