Peer Support Partner – Carroll


Age at diagnosis?

I was diagnosed with RA in 1986 when I was 46. I have had an ankle fusion and bones fused in my foot.  I tried all possible medications available at the time but none was successful until, with the support of a Brigham doctor, I combined methotrexate and an injectible biologic.  For about 8 years the disease has been very much under control.  Very exciting!

Why I chose to be a Peer Support Partner

I wanted to be a peer coach because I want more than anything to help those suffering with the disease in any way I can..  I never knew anyone with RA until a few years ago and that new support made a huge difference in how I viewed the physical and emotional  limitations of the disease.  I am now filled with hope for all of us with the RA.

A little about me

I used to ski, play tennis and run.  Now I bike, swim, and do pilates.  I have discovered new things that I can do, not only athletically.  I have volunteered for many different organizations, love to read, listen to music, enjoy the outdoors, snorkle and play with my many grandchildren and dogs.