Peer Support Partner – Kim


Age at diagnosis?

I was diagnosed at age 16 and am now 42.

RA sent my life in a whole different direction.  It actually pointed me to a course of study in college and allowed me to help others professionally and personally in ways I never imagined.  I have had numerous joint replacements and figure I am not in trouble until something wears out that we don’t have a spare part for.  As tough as the road has been at times my arthritis has been a gift and a great learning and sharing/educational opportunity.

Why I chose to be a Peer Support Partner

  •  to help others adjust to life with arthritis
  •  to understand that it is an ending but also a brand new beginning
  •  to impart that this is a lifestyle change that is ever changing and evolving
  •  to help with tips/ways that make life living with arthritis easier


A little about me

My hobbies are reading, crocheting, making wreaths, and  travel.
I have been supporting others with RA  for over 10 years.  I taught 2nd year med students and health care professionals, nationally and internationally, how to examine the joints of the body.  I have run support groups at the Arthritis Foundation in the past.  I volunteered at both the Arthritis Foundation and at Camp Dartmouth-Hitchcock, a camp for children with arthritis, for 7 years.  I have done presentations with and without doctors about RA.